Cosmetic Dentistry

The term cosmetic dentistry covers all those processes that are done to enhance the appearance of your teeth, gums, and appearance of your mouth. Moreover, they make your smile even more beautiful.

Cosmetic dentistry is a group of processes that mainly pays attention to your overall smile appearance, including the improvement of teeth and gums with regards to their color, shape, size, position, and alignment.

Dental aesthetics enables you to have a beautiful smile even if you have discolored, stained, chipped, worn, misaligned, misshapen, or broken teeth, or if you have gaps in your teeth.

A dental makeover will cover all these abnormalities and improves the beauty of your smile.

Your cosmetic dentist will improve the appearance of your smile through a treatment plan. So, if you are unhappy with your smile, then you should consider cosmetic dentistry. It will boost your confidence and improves the appearance of your teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry gives your teeth an even color and shape that will add beauty to your smile so that you don’t hesitate to smile and laugh.

Types Of Cosmetic Dentistry

Tooth Reshaping

Tooth reshaping is the process of changing the shape of your teeth and equalizing them by removing the parts of enamel.

Reshaping improves the appearance of teeth by changing the length, position, or shape of your teeth as well as corrects a small chip or crooked teeth.

Moreover, tooth reshaping treats excessively long teeth by cutting some enamel parts.

A benefit of tooth reshaping is that it provides you faster results. And under certain circumstances, they also serve as a substitute for braces.

The other names of reshaping are:

  1. Stripping
  2. Odontoplasty
  3. Enameloplasty
  4. Slenderizing
  5. Cosmetic contouring
  6. Contouring
  7. Recontouring


Whitening is the process of increasing the brightness of your teeth and enhancing its color. This process whitens your teeth by regaining its original luster and removing the external stains on them.

Whitening is also termed as tooth bleaching. To perform whitening on your teeth, your dentist first evaluates the condition of your teeth and smiles. And then determine whether tooth whitening is right for you.

If you have high expectations regarding the color of your teeth, then other dental cosmetic procedures might best for you.

But Tooth whitening is a safe process that gives you faster results.

Laser Whitening

Laser Whitening is a tooth whitening technique.

Laser whitening techniques use a rubber dam to cover your gums, and a bleaching chemical is then applied on your teeth. After this, a beam of the laser of an argon laser is projected on the teeth.

This beam accelerates the process of bleaching by activating the bleaching chemicals. And consequently, it lightens the color.

According to the experiences of real patients, laser whitening is six times more effective than any other teeth whitening techniques.

Dental Bridges

Bridging is a process in cosmetic dentistry that involves the replacement of your missing teeth.

The process of bridging uses dental bridges that replace your missing one or more teeth and involves the preparation of neighboring teeth that are associated with missing teeth.

A bridge is composed of the teeth that are prepped, abutments, and the missing false teeth.

Most dental bridges used in this procedure are fixed, and you can not remove them. Moreover, you can not take out bridges in the way as partial dentures can.

If you have missing front teeth, then you should go for a cantilever bridge. Cantilever bridges mostly replace front or anterior teeth, and also they are minimally invasive.

But Maryland bridges are also had a bad reputation of failure. If you decide to go for bridges, then you have to take care of oral hygiene.

Besides this, Dental bridges also carry risks.

The average life of bridges is nearly ten years, and it is similar to the average span of crowns.


Bonding is a process of contouring, hardening, and polishing your teeth.

In the bonding procedure, an enamel-like dental composite is color-matched to your teeth and then applied on your teeth. Then it is sculpted into the form of your proper teeth afterward contouring, hardening and polishing of teeth are done.

Inlays and Onlays

Inlays and Onlays repair and treat cracked and decayed teeth.

Moreover, direct composite restorations can be used to treat and repair your teeth if they are damaged by

  1. Slight to moderate Decay
  2. Small Fractures
  3. Erosions

Dental Implant

Dental Implants are metal posts that your dentist inserts into your jaw surgically. This post is used to hold a bridge or crown.

It is a substitute tooth root that provides support to the replacement teeth.

A Dental implant consists of three parts:

  1. Titanium
  2. Abutment
  3. Crown

A holding device or titanium is a holding device that is inserted into the jaw bone, and afterward, an abutment is placed on it. This implantation will hold false teeth or crowns.

An abutment serves as a connection between the crown and implant.

Bite Reclamation

Bite reclamation is a process of reclaiming your vertical dimension by opening up your bite.

Bite reclamation treats uneven, chapped, or worn teeth.

The vertical dimension can be caused if you have years of excessive wear to your teeth. And the grinding or acid reflux can alter your vertical size.

It will give your face a closed or shorter look. To get back your original smile, you should consider bite reclamation.

Gum Lift

A gum lift is a process of raising and sculpting your gum line. This process includes the reshaping of bones and tissues. It will give your teeth a more symmetrical and longer appearance.


Veneers are ultra-thin, porcelain laminates that are bonded directly to your teeth. These are custom made according to the size and shape of your teeth.

If you want to close the gaps and enhance the shape of the teeth, then the veneer is an excellent option.

Also, if you want to change the color of your teeth but any whitening technique is not working, then you should turn to veneers.

To get maximum results through veneers, some level of tooth reduction is necessary.


The straightening of teeth in cosmetic dentistry is achieved through Invisalign. To straight your teeth and bring them to a better position, Invisalign treatment is best.

Invisalign is better than traditional braces as it is convenient and easy to remove and use. Also, they are invisible and comfortable.

These aligners are made up of Invisalign’s plastic and hence are transparent. These are also customized and put pressure on your teeth; consequently, it forces them to a better position.

While Cleaning or flossing your teeth, you can easily remove them and wear them again.

Moreover, you don’t need to wear aligners 24/7 a day; instead, you can place them on your teeth for 20-22 hours.