Emergency Dentistry

Specific injuries of your teeth require the immediate consultation of your dentist; otherwise, they would lead to complicated issues in the future. The dealing and treatment of these kinds of injuries fall under the category of emergency dentistry.

Emergency dentistry is a broad category that covers all the oral damages that you can not snub. These injuries require your instant concentration.

These dental injuries might result from an accident. And you know an accident can happen any time in day or night. And if this accident causes the fracture of your teeth, then you need emergency dentistry.

A dental emergency is any trauma or damage to your mouth, teeth, and gums that may lead to bleeding and fracture or dislodge.

If an accident has happened, and you are experiencing severe pain in your mouth and teeth other than bleeding, then it will also require emergency treatment.

Moreover, dental emergency also results from if you bite a piece of too hard food, and it causes a crack and pain in your teeth. This also requires your immediate deliberation with the dentist.

Emergency Dentist

An emergency dentist is a dentist who is available 24/7 for any dental emergency and treats any dental injuries that can not wait.

Importance of emergency dentistry

Dental emergencies need to be treated as soon as possible. That’s why emergency dentist also has emergency rooms to handle if you have any oral injury.

The delayed treatment of dental emergencies can adversely affect your oral health for the rest of your life.

If you suffer an injury while performing sport or any physical activity, or you face an accident, the dental damages can have a permanent impact on your oral health.

In case if you fail to meet an emergency dentist soon after the accident, you have the persistent risk of tooth loss.

Whenever you go through any dental emergency, your first and foremost preference should be finding relief and getting a proper diagnosis immediately. This can only be done if you meet your emergency dentist as soon as possible.

And you know your dentist is a lifesaver if he is free to treat you when you need it the most. Besides this, when an oral emergency strikes you, you did not have much time to research for an emergency dentist that can treat emergency dentistry.

That’s why knowing an emergency dentist in advance is an excellent approach to avoid the wastage of time in an emergency.

There are many types of traumas that cause dental emergencies, such as sports or motor vehicle accidents. Then getting the proper diagnosis and treatment as soon as possible is a matter of saving or losing your tooth.

And in turn, your smile will thank you for having emergency dentistry.

The alarming thing is that your broken or cracked tooth can become the reason of infection in your mouth. And this infection has the potential of spreading to your brain from your jaw and neck.

An untreated broken tooth can also lead to severe diseases such as cancer, heart diseases, and hepatitis.

Your emergency dentist can protect you from this infection by giving you antibiotics.

Common Dental Emergencies

The question that mostly arises in mind is that how can you know if you have a dental emergency.

Following is the list of common dental injuries that will help you to find out do you have a dental emergency or not.

  1. Severe mouth pain
  2. Facial Swelling
  3. A chipped or cracked tooth
  4. Broken dentures
  5. Abscess
  6. Partially dislodged tooth
  7. Trauma and bleeding
  8. Vehicle accidents and sports injuries
  9. Post dental surgery complications
  10. Severe damage to the jaw, tongue, cheeks, or lips

A dental emergency could cause critical hurdles for you in the future if you did not pay attention to it. That’s why Orlando’s healthy smiles protect your future by treating you immediately through emergency dentistry.

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