Emergency Dentistry

What is emergency dentistry?

Emergency dentistry is for any trauma to the mouth that may cause bleeding or lacerations to the gums, dislodge or fracture teeth, and may require immediate medical attention.

What’s considered a dental emergency?

Some common types of mouth injuries include cracked, broken, or knocked out teeth. These injuries can be a result of biting on a hard piece of food, a sports-related injury, a fall, or any other accident.

Depending on the severity of the injury and its location, it’s possible a chipped tooth or minor fracture can wait until regular business hours. But if the crack is severe, there’s a significant piece of your tooth missing, or your tooth has nerve damage or is completely knocked out, you should seek immediate medical attention.

Sometimes the problem won’t be as noticeable; you may find yourself dealing with severe tooth pain, like an abscessed tooth. If you think you need emergency dental care, call Healthy Smiles of Orlando.

How can you avoid dental emergencies?

Often, better safety precautions can prevent many accidents. You can avoid dental emergencies by:

  • Wearing a mouthguard: If you’re playing contact sports, wearing a mouthguard can protect your teeth from injury and trauma.
  • Avoiding hard foods and candies: To protect your teeth while eating, avoid biting hard candies and ice.

How do you know if you’re experiencing a dental emergency?

Here are some questions to answer if you aren’t sure whether or not you have a dental emergency:

  • Are you bleeding from the mouth?
  • Are you in severe pain?
  • Do you have any loose teeth?
  • Have you been hit in the face or mouth?
  • Do you have any swelling in the mouth or face?
  • Do you have any bulges, swelling, or knots on your gums?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, call Healthy Smiles of Orlando right away. Seeing Dr. Ahmed within 30 minutes or less can mean the difference between saving or losing your tooth. He sees all emergency patients the same day they call, seven days a week.

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