Kids Dentistry

Kids dentistry or pediatric dentistry mainly focuses on the oral health of your kids about how to prevent them from any oral disorder, and also treats them if any disease happens.

Having kids is more than a responsibility. Your children rely on you for all the aspects of their life until their teens. And you don’t want them to face any pain or disease.

When your child newly born, his mouth is continuously changing and developing, and you need to take care of him to prevent any discomfort associated with his teeth.

That’s where kid’s dentistry comes. Kids’ dentistry is a particular branch of oral health and cares that deals with all the perspectives of your kids’ teeth.

Pediatric dentistry cares about your children from their infancy to their teens. The range of child dentistry is from birth to 18 years. It means between these years, you need to consult a pediatric dentist to ensure the health of your child.

A pediatric dentist is a specialized dentist who concentrates on your child to prevent and protect him from diseases and treats him if any happens.

Pediatric Dentistry Definition

Kids Dentistry is an age-defined specialty that deals with the children from their adolescence to late teens and protects and treats them from any oral disease.

This dentistry provides you all the information about how to protect your child from any oral discomfort in their growing ages and also suggests a diet plan according to their age.

This specific type of treatment prevents and treats the diseases of mouth, gums, and teeth that your child can have from their birth to their teens. And they spread awareness among you to avoid the possibilities of these diseases in the future.

Child Dentistry deals with the problems of

  1. Extra teeth
  2. tooth decay
  3. Facial Defects and Trauma
  4. Parafunctional Habits

Oral Issues addressed in kids dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry deals with the following dental issues of adolescents

  1. Thumb sucking
  2. Pearly teeth
  3. Misaligned Teeth
  4. Tooth Loss
  5. Tooth Decay
  6. Teeth Stain
  7. Baby bottle caries

Thumb Sucking

Thumb sucking can cause open bite and protrusion in your baby’s mouth. When your child is at a stage when his teeth are coming, sucking can cause abnormal growth. It can also negatively affect the arrangement of his teeth.

Continous and habitual thumbsucking also brings changes in the roof of his mouth.

Pearly Teeth

The pearly tooth is a sort of teeth whitening technique for children. Because the professional tooth bleaching technique is not recommended for the children below the age of 18.

Pearly teeth increase the brightening of your smile by lightening the shade of your teeth.

Tooth Decay

Tooth Decay is the loss of minerals from the tooth structure of your child. This loss is mainly caused by bacteria. It happens when you give your child sugary fluids and foods.


The tooth surfaces are generally covered with dental plaque. And the bacteria in dental plaque will metabolize the sugars in your child’s food. And in turn, it will produce acids that demineralize the tooth exterior.

The alarming thing about tooth decay is that 60-90% of children suffer from it.

Baby Bottle Carries

Baby Bottle Caries cause the decline of the upper tooth of your infant. When your child’s teeth are exposed to too much sugar, then baby bottle caries occurs. It can also be caused by the prolonged use of bottles during bedtime.

So the right approach is that to never put your baby to bed with milk or juice bottle.

15% of children develop tooth decay because of baby bottles.

Importance Of Kids Dentistry

  1. Your children’s oral health can directly impact their overall health.
  2. If your kid’s teeth and gums are not in good health, they will suffer overall.
  3. Also, dental discomforts can affect the self-esteem of your children. Moreover, it makes them hesitate to engage in conversations and smile.
  4. Dental problems also lead to low overall performance, and consequently, they will obtain low grades in schools.
  5. If you did not take care of your child’s oral health, he might suffer from gum disease, tooth loss, decay, sleep problems, and poor nutrition.

Procedures Involved In Pediatric Dental Exam

When you go for the dental examination of your child, your dentist might perform any of the following procedures

  1. A complete exam is conducted that includes cleaning, helpful nutrition information, habit counseling, and fluoride treatments.
  2. These comprehensive dental exams provide you the information that is important for the health of your child.
  3. If your dentist observes the presence of cavities, then he will recommend a treatment plan, including fillings, extractions, crowns, and space maintainers.
  4. The pediatric dentist will also use exams and x-rays to determine if any orthodontic procedure is needed.
  5. Moreover, the treatment of dental emergencies such as damaged lost or broken teeth.
  6. Also, your pediatric dentist will perform the diagnosis and treatment of pediatric gum or teeth disease.
  7. Additionally, the dentist also monitors the growth and development of your child’s jaws and teeth.

Tasks Of Pediatric Dentist

The main concern of your dentist is to prevent your child from tooth decay. They work with teeth and also take care of his gums, and nervous system of the head, jaw, and neck, throat muscles, the salivary glands, and the tongue.

He needs to do this to ensure that there are no other anomalies or pathology. Also, your dentist will perform biopsies and tests for oral cancer if it is necessary to secure the current life of your child and even the future.

Your pediatric dentist has some specialized functions that are described in the following

  1. Emergency dental care
  2. Infant oral health exams
  3. Specialized counseling on nutrition
  4. Discouragement of finger and thumb sucking through processes and appliances
  5. Division of relaxation medicines
  6. Space management after the unanticipated loss of a primary tooth

A pediatric dentist works hard to keep the smile of your kid healthy and bright. Your child will be happy to see the dentist again if his previous visit has a positive effect on him. That’s why the environment of the pediatric’s office should be entertaining enough. It should be friendly and welcoming.

Also, the exam’s room decor has a fundamental impact, it should be decorated with bright colors that catch your child’s attention. The room should be filled with colorful materials that your child will love, and he did not feel scared to visit his pediatric dentist.

As kids dentistry is all about children and taking care of their health but in a very protective manner that they enjoy their oral journey from adolescence to teens.

They can easily pass the difficult dental stages with the help of a pediatric dentist who interacts with the friendly and protects and treat them with any oral discomfort.

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